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About Our Hair

Having a passion for hair, we have always taken great care to hand-select only the finest and healthiest Euro & Russian hair that is never bleached, or processed in any way that you would not feel comfortable with doing to the hair on your head.

Working with different regions in Europe and Russia, our hair provides an exceptionally natural finish with body and shine.


The quality team within the company ensure our hair is always of the highest quality, achieved by extensive testing throughout the process, always exceeding your expectations.

hair extensions

Ordering hair of such high Quality can only be done in low volumes due to supply and our ‘Always Ethical’ policy, one of the key pillars we have built our business on.


We don't use any harsh bleaching agents or fabric dies on our hair because we want to maintain the quality of the hair. Instead, we treat the hair in a cold bath system to gently lighten the hair giving us the perfect base to create the unique shades that make us an Industry Leader.


We only work with products that you would be comfortable using on your own hair.

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